January 2006 Cellular Subscriber Figures


Key point of cellular market development in January 2006:

  • Number of subscribers (valid SIM-cards) reached 128.2 mln (up 2.4 mln from December 2005, 49.9 mln from January 2005);
  • Penetration increased to 88.3% (up 1.7% from December 2005, 34.4% from January 2005);
  • There were 136 and 120 SIM cards in use per 100 population in Moscow and St.Petersburg respectively as of January 31, 2006;
  • MTS posted best net additons in total Russia, St.Petersburg and regions but recorded negative net sales in Moscow for the first time in its history;
  • MegaFon won January net additions in Moscow for the first time since it launched the network in November 2001. 
Russian Cellular Subscribers
Mobile SubscribersJanuary 31, 2006December 31, 2005
Total Russia128,175,000125,760,000
Subscribers outside Moscow and St.Pete97,561,57295,409,101

*Please note that penetration figures are calculated based on official data from 2002 population census (145 mln for Russia, 17 mln for Moscow and 6.3 mln for St.Pete). Reportedly, the population in Moscow License Area reaches as high as 23-25 mln while St.Pete License Area population figure is above 7 mln.

Russian Cellular 
Market Breakdown, January 2006
Russian Net Additions,January 2006


Number of valid SIM cards reached 31.4 mln (up 1.2 mln from December 2005, 16.5 mln from January 2005). Cellular penetration increased to 66.0% (up 2.6% from December 2005, 34.8% from January 2005).

Ukrainian Mobile Subscribers
Mobile SubscribersJanuary 31, 2006December 31, 2005
Total number of subscribers31,419,74730,379,116

Please note that we changed the number of cellular subscribers for Astelit in December 2005 after the company published YE2005 subscriber statistics. As a result we also slightly changed the overall Ukrainian market estimate.

Ukrainian Cellular 
Market Breakdown, January 2006
Ukrianian cellular market breakdown
Ukrainian Net Additions, 
January 2006
Net Additions in Ukraine