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Broadband and Mobile VAS data for 2010 released

 This week we released our quarterly estimates on Russian residential broadband market and mobile VAS figures for the fourth quarter and full year of 2010.

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2010 Cellular Data published

It was 219.3 million cellular SIM cards registered in Russian cellular networks as of year-end 2010. Cellular service penetration figures passed 150% threshold in December. 11.4 mln new subscribers were added to the counter during 2010. Moreover, the penetration in Moscow area is above 200%. WIth this level of penetration it is obvious that the new subscribers will be mainly acquired through migration of existing customers, VAS growth and M2M applications.

In Ukraine Kyivstar remains the market leader with MTS being a runner-up. Cellular penetration in Ukraine is estimated at 118%.

Please refer to our Data Downloads section to get the most recent updates of Russian cellular operators subscriber figures as well as our market estimates for Russian and Ukrainian cellular markets.


4Q 2009 Mobile VAS Data Released

Estimates on the Russian mobile value added services market for 4Q2009 is released. The data is available for download in "News and Data" section of our web-site.  Below are some full-year 2009 mobile VAS highlights:

  • Total Russian VAS market in 2009 reached RUR 122,396.1 mln (+27% Y-o-Y) or MUSD 3,920.9;
  • 2009 VAS share in mobile revenues increased to 18.8 compared to 14.9% in 2008;
  • Messaging revenue grew only 4% to RUR 49,808.4 mln;
  • Revenue from Content and Data services reached RUR 32,437.6 mln (+45% Y-o-Y) and RUR 36,415.6 mln (+58% Y-o-Y) respectively.

Please note that starting 4Q2009 we publish operators' VAS revenue numbers calculated in accordance to the unified revenue allocation methodology.


January 2010 Cellular Statistics (Russia and Ukraine)

AC&M releases cellular subscriber estimates for Russian and Ukrainian markets.

  • Number of subscribers (valid SIM cards) increased to 208.3 mln, up 0.4 mln from December 2009, 19.6 mln from January 2009;
  • Penetration increased to 143.5% (up 0.3% from December 2009, 13.5% from January 2009);
  • There were 190 and 187 SIM cards in use per 100 population in Moscow and St.Petersburg respectively as of January 31, 2010.
  • Number of subscribers (valid SIM cards) increased to 55.3 mln, up 0.04 mln from December 2009, down 0.5 mln from January 2009);
  • Penetration decreased to 120.3% (down 0.3% from December 2009, down 0.6% from January 2009).
You may download the data in our Data Downloads section.
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Russia has more than 10 mln residential broadband connections

 According to AC&M estimates, Russian broadband market passed over 10 million threshold by the end of September 2009.

There were 10.2 mn broadband accounts which translates into 19.5 connections per 100 households. Moscow is by far the largest market with 2.8 mn accounts and penetration around 64% while average penetration in Russian regions (outside Moscow and St.Petersburg) is evaluated at 14 per 100 households.

The detailed information on Russian residential broadband is available in Data Downloads section of our web site.


Market Data for June 2009

Today we published our monthly bulletin on Russian and Ukrainian cellular markets and our monthly estimates on number of accounts on Russian residential broadband market. You may find the data in MS Excel format in the Data Downloads section of the web-site. Please refer to the links below: